Enable debugging mode in Roundcube webmail

Sometimes, when something gone wrong, it may very useful to enable debugging mode on some PHP apps.

In this article, I’ll show you how to enable debugging mode in roundcube (it’s was tested in version 3.1)

Step 1 and Final Step : Edit the Roundcube main config file

If change $config['debug_level'] to 4 errors will be displayed in UI (that's what i want)

The main config file is located in /your_roundcube_install/config/config.inc.php

Add settings at the end of config.inc.php file :

// system error reporting, sum of: 1 = log; 4 = show
$config['debug_level'] = 4;

// Log SQL queries
$config['sql_debug'] = true;

// Log IMAP conversation
$config['imap_debug'] = true;

// Log LDAP conversation
$config['ldap_debug'] = true;

// Log SMTP conversation
$config['smtp_debug'] = true;


There is no need to restart web service to apply new settings, Juste reload the roundcube website (with F5 key)

Have a fun !!!

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