LXC 2.1 – Table of changed configuration keys – correlation table

LXC 2.1 correlation table

LXC 2.1 introduce some change on configuration key, if you want to update your configuration file manualy you can use this correlation table.

Table of changed configuration keys

The following table lists the legacy configuration keys on the left side and their corresponding new keys on the right side. Keys that have been entirely removed will have “-” as entry in the “New Key” column and a comment saying “removed” in the “Comments” table.

Legacy Key ( < LXC 2.1 )  New Key ( > LXC 2.1 )  Comments
lxc.aa_profile  lxc.apparmor.profile
lxc.aa_allow_incomplete  lxc.apparmor.allow_incomplete
lxc.console  lxc.console.path
lxc.devttydir  lxc.tty.dir
lxc.haltsignal  lxc.signal.halt
lxc.id_map  lxc.idmap
lxc.init_cmd  lxc.init.cmd
lxc.init_gid  lxc.init.gid
lxc.init_uid  lxc.init.uid
lxc.kmsg  –  removed
lxc.limit  lxc.prlimit
lxc.logfile  lxc.log.file
lxc.loglevel  lxc.log.level
lxc.mount  lxc.mount.fstab
lxc.network  lxc.net
lxc.network.  lxc.net.[i].
lxc.network.flags  lxc.net.[i].flags
lxc.network.hwaddr  lxc.net.[i].hwaddr
lxc.network.ipv4  lxc.net.[i].ipv4.address
lxc.network.ipv4.gateway  lxc.net.[i].ipv4.gateway
lxc.network.ipv6  lxc.net.[i].ipv6.address
lxc.network.ipv6.gateway  lxc.net.[i].ipv6.gateway
lxc.network.link  lxc.net.[i].link
lxc.network.macvlan.mode  lxc.net.[i].macvlan.mode
lxc.network.mtu  lxc.net.[i].mtu
lxc.network.name  lxc.net.[i].name
lxc.network.script.down  lxc.net.[i].script.down
lxc.network.script.up  lxc.net.[i].script.up
lxc.network.type  lxc.net.[i].type
lxc.network.veth.pair  lxc.net.[i].veth.pair
lxc.network.vlan.id  lxc.net.[i].vlan.id
lxc.pivotdir  –  removed
lxc.pts  lxc.pty.max
lxc.rebootsignal  lxc.signal.reboot
lxc.rootfs  lxc.rootfs.path
lxc.se_context  lxc.selinux.context
lxc.seccomp  lxc.seccomp.profile
lxc.stopsignal  lxc.signal.stop
lxc.syslog  lxc.log.syslog
lxc.tty  lxc.tty.max
lxc.utsname  lxc.uts.name




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